At a 5 km distance, the biggest and the most cutting-edge facility of Turkey and Mersin province, with a draft of 12 meters.

With an 80.000 DWT capacity SAVKA, the only facility with an offshore platform where 2 vessels can approach and unload/load at the same time ensures that both local and international companies engaged in petroleum trade benefit from the strategic opportunities of the facility.

Savka Platform ve Boru Hatlari Insaati Isletmeciligi Nakliyat Akaryakit Ic ve Dis Ticaret A.S. is a corporation established under the partnership of Aves Ic ve Dis Ticaret A.S. and KADOOGLU Petrolculuk Tasimacilik Ticaret Sanayi Ithalat ve Ihracat A.S.